It’s Done!!!!!

This introductory theatre textbook is free for all teachers and students at the following address:

If there is a problem with that link, you can also find it here:

Or get a paperback version from the University Press of Florida for $25:

It is currently being released in a Beta version.  After peer review, it will be released as a first edition.

Please tell as many people as you can to consider adopting the book. And thank you to all who have been patiently waiting for its completion!

– Dr. Charlie Mitchell

About drcharliemitchell

Dr. Charlie Mitchell is an assistant professor of theatre at the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance
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6 Responses to It’s Done!!!!!

  1. Congratulations Dr Mitchell. I’ve been following this for some time. I’ll enjoy reading it and passing on the link to my colleagues here in Australia. I’m organising the Drama Victoria conference in November and will include the link in conference documentation. Would you like to “present” a paper in article form about the story of the project’s progress and likely future? Cheers, Drew Stocker

    • Thanks Andrew. I would love to give a paper about the project but Australia is more expense than I can handle this year. Would you be open to a video option?


      • Andrew Stocker says:

        Hi Charlie, perhaps an article in our annual magazine Mask might be more straightforward? I’m doing a venue visit next Tuesday, but I’m a little wary of live video.

      • I would be happy to put something together. Please let me know the details when you have them.

  2. theaterkid says:

    24yr old. journeyman actor turned high school teacher. I can’t even express how cool this is. and the open source aspect is very noble I think. thank you.

  3. Will Walker says:

    Is there by any chance any online materials for this book? I teach an internet Theatre Appreciation course and would love some online content, such as a powerpoint or other media. This book is great and the open source is fantastic. I will be adopting this book this coming year.

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